Hiring Conscientious IHSS Provider (West Los Angeles)

Barrington near Santa Monica

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compensation: 19.27/hr paid by IHSS
Win/win or no deal.
Provider(s) must accept only task categories that they excel at and enjoy doing, for example:
...Complete professional quality housekeeping. (I provide primarily unscented cleaners.)
...Follow owners manuals to maintain cleaning and food prep equipment, such as vacuum, juicer, etc.
...Errands and transport in provider's own insured vehicle.
...Vegan food prep or clean, dry, put away fresh produce, ready for juicing. Vegan or produce food prep background/expertise, a big plus.
...Logistics and complex appointment management, calendar, task tracking on computer, and phone, optional for administratively and technically talented.
...Handyman skills, a big plus.
...A big plus... Ability to launder, maintain and put away clothes in pristine ready to wear condition, like one would expect at a high end boutique... steaming, ironing, mending, stain treatment, etc.
...I could use a limited help with grooming details, such as nail clip/buff and skin care. If you have those skills please let me know. It's a plus, not required, and not a big part of the job.

Please tell me which of the above task categories you excel at and enjoy. Please send a resume. I will ask for references as a last step prior to hire. I would like to interview, hire and possibly start provider(s) this weekend.

I have indoor only cats and a bird. Please don't select any task categories but errands/transport, or possibly limited time handyman tasks, if you are allergic or if you are at all uncomfortable around animals. I can put my pets in another room for up to a few hours.

Please note: The less time and attention that the provider(s) require from me, the more work I can delegate to them, up to 88 hours a month. Good vibes and mission motivation are required, but companionship is not. I'm looking for that 1 in 100 that always does a great job, as efficiently as possible, with minimal attention from their employer. If you are that one, I am eager to hear from you.

*IHSS experience is not needed, but you have to onboard with IHSS to be paid.
If you aren't signed up to be paid by IHSS yet, onboarding is fast and easy. Just a superficial background check and two one-page forms, which I can send you. IHSS is the Payor. I am the Employer and the Recipient. IHSS provides good health insurance for Providers that work 74+ hours a month. I provide no insurance. Payment is only through IHSS. IHSS sets the rate at $!9.27+/hr.

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