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bu ilanı beğen LA: Freelance Event Sales Associate - Commision-Based Plus Bonuses (Los Angeles) bu ilanı gizle göster

bedel: $150+ per event

Our event company is looking to expand into the LA area and we're in need of a professional, reliable, and MOTIVATED person to take on this commission-based freelance opportunity. Work whenever and from where ever you want!

The role encompasses two main parts:

PART 1 - Lead Generation and Sales

Use Google to find companies and organizations that are having special events within the LA area. Visit their website and find out who you should reach out to. Send that person an email offering our services at no charge for their first booking. There are some simple terms/restrictions that the client will need to agree to but overall, this is a very easy sell. They might have questions which you'll be trained on how to answer by phone/email.

Once they're ready to book, you shoot us an email with their info so we can confirm eligibility (only one free event per customer, etc). You also need to be available on that event date to service the event which we will pay you for. Keep reading below...

PART 2 - Event Operations/Delivery

For each free event that you book, a small piece of event rental equipment will need to be delivered before the event and then picked up following the event. Not counting drive time, the setup and pickups usually take about 15 minutes each.

This is a very easy role from a technical standpoint but since you would be representing our company, it's extremely important that you meet the following criteria:

+You have your own 100% reliable car that you own and don't share with any other family members/roommates/etc

+You are energetic, personable, clean cut, and dress professionally

+Must be able-bodied and can easily lift a rolling 70 pound case in and out of your trunk.

+You are a service-oriented person that will always fulfill a client's (reasonable) request with a smile. If you think it's unreasonable, keep smiling and take 2 minutes to give us a call and we'll always help sort it out.

+You are trustworthy and have multiple professional/personal/client references that would speak to the same

+Be organized and capable of tracking your leads/follow ups on your laptop.

+Many events fall in the evenings on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You need to be someone that isn't tied down by other life factors like childcare or the need to go party at the bars. If you book an event, it's more than "just a job". Just so I know you've read this post carefully, please email the word "bingo" on the first line of your email response.

+Unless you're strapped down in an ambulance, you're putting that booked event above all else! JK but you get the idea.

+There's great earning potential for the right candidate as well as a bonus program for meeting quotas and receiving perfect feedback from event clients.

+If you are a highly-rated UBER or LYFT driver, this would be a role that could fit right into an evening of giving ride as long as you allow enough time to get the gear that's in your truck to where it needs to be.

TO APPLY, please send:
Area where you live
year/make/model of your car
headshot or photo of you in professional attire (for event deliveries)
What type of computer you use
Your availability

Half of the your compensation is paid when the booking is confirmed and the second half is paid upon completion of the event.
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