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¡Hola! This is Lissette and below you'll see how I became a Spanish conversational expert. You can also read a few reviews about me. There are more than 30 online.

Call or text me and let me know why you need Spanish lessons. We'll schedule a class. 702-934-6485 and 323-405-2383.


23 years of experience teaching Spanish. I have helped students in their journey to learn Spanish from beginning to advanced levels. After teaching so many students throughout the years, I intuitively know how folks learn a language. Many of these students were high school and college students looking to do well in their classes.

—Native Speaker:
I didn’t speak English until I turned 18 years old. I'm a native Spanish speaker who has been reading Latin America and Spanish novels since intermediate school. I grew up around Spanish nuns who were very serious about language skills. I tested out of language requirements in college, and started teaching Spanish after I graduated.

—Advanced English and Spanish skills:
I know English and Spanish really well so I can explain complicated Spanish concepts and phrases to you in English, which expedites your learning. I will also help you understand how Spanish and English are different, so that you don't get confused with tricky grammar rules and word order.

Education: After speaking only Spanish all my life I went to Ohio State University and got a degree in Journalism and Advertising. After graduation, I obtained a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Arts from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Afterwards, I have worked in the arts for years but always kept teaching students on the side. My work in the arts includes owning a venue for may years where artists performed music shows, comedy events and plays. Graduated with honors from both programs and was awarded a full fellowship for my master’s degree.

—California (CSET) test:

—I took the Spanish tests required to teach Spanish in California (CSET) and got top scores in all its categories:
linguistics, reading, culture, grammar, literature, spoken and writing skills. You can rest assured that my language skills are top notch.
My English skills are strong as well because of my educational background.

—I know grammar rules by heart:
After more than two decades of teaching Spanish and tutoring high school and college students, I can teach grammar rules to you at the same time that I provide you with spoken drills, and at the same time that I converse with you in Spanish!!

—Complete Process from Beginning Sills to Advanced :
I have helped students throughout the years to learn Spanish from zero to advanced skills creating personal relationships that last for a long time as I also help them keep their language skills current. I even help them to sharpen their language skills at work. Throughout the months I mold my student’s diction and help them transition to Spanish speaking countries or into jobs that demand Spanish skills or even join a Spanish speaking family.

-Second generation Latinos that need someone to help them build a bridge between the Spanish they know and advanced Spanish
-Clients moving to a Spanish speaking country
-Clients looking to learn Spanish in order to speak to relatives
-Students doing business in Latin America/Spain
-Students who own vacation homes in Spanish speaking countries
-Folks who want to learn Spanish so they can speak to their significant other and their children
-Students taking the Spanish teaching test in California
-I have helped employees understand their coworkers and bosses. I have helped supervisors understand their employees and give instructions efficiently. My clients include lawyers, doctors, nurses, TV personalities, waiters, diplomats, contractors, financial investors, entrepreneurs, singers, working actors, thespians, writers, TV producers, editors, office staff, librarians, fashion designers, Spanish teachers, dentists, record industry professionals, and on and on.


—Because of my training and work (singing, producing, etc) in the arts I have been able to help other performers learning Spanish. Here are links to some of my work in the arts:


I have helped students who want to learn Spanish songs or write them. I’m a singer and have sang on music videos on national TV, and I enjoy helping others with musical and/or acting pursuits.

-Actors who need help with scripts. I have helped actors that booked TV parts
-Writers who need help translating their scripts for TV
-Entertainers who need to get ready for interviews
-Screenwriters that needed to give speeches in Spanish
-Emmy winning entertainers, writers and directors looking to improve their Spanish
-Actors trying to grasp an accent for a play, TV or film


-From one to three months: Transactional Spanish/travel Spanish/tourist Spanish. Basic conversational Spanish.

-From three to six months:
You will understand sentence structure and you will be able to communicate with others by using simple phrases. You will be able to hold short conversations.

-From six months to a year:
My clients skills include:
---Finally sustaining simple conversations with new acquaintances and old friends who speak Spanish. Getting used to speaking Spanish and holding on to one on one conversations.
---Having conversations in several tenses
---Being able to sustain a job that requires simple Spanish skills, by being able to interact with coworkers and clients in Spanish.

-From one year on:
---Students are now in an intermediate/advanced phase and they now feel more comfortable exploring books, TV shows than ever before. At this stage, people feel that they can maintain conversations. Students are now polishing their knowledge and being much more exact in their conversations with Spanish speakers.

Medical and Legal Spanish vocabulary expansion classes will start for those interested around April.

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