UCLA Graduate Professional Tutor for Computer programming (Los Angeles (Westside))

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Mathematics and computer degree from UCLA. Completed studies for Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Cal State Northridge. Native English speaker. IBM household. Professional expert in MS Access database, MS Excel, Word, MS Office, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), connecting databases to Web Sites, web macros. Can do office training. Many years of experience. Presentable, good example for students. Good writer. Come from 5 generations of teachers on one side, Mathematicians, scientists, and engineers on the other side.

I can help you with your school project in person or remotely.



P.S. My mother was a very successful tutor with a 5 year waiting list, so I have been tutoring since I was 12 years old. I watched her help the children of the rich and famous overcome learning disabilities and get into great schools. If the math got too difficult, she would give the student to me. I helped her get over her math block until she could get a perfect score on the SAT. I tutored my way through college at UCLA while earning a Bachelor of Science with a Specialty in Computing. I then completed my studies for a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Cal State Northridge. At that time I mostly taught all levels of Mathematics up to college level Calculus, and some Chemistry and Spanish. I also led study groups in college. I am a native English speaker from an IBM PhD household. I am presentable, a good writer, and a good example for students.

I can speak from experience about how learning a subject will translate into a great job in the real world. For computer programming students I can show actual examples of recent assignments for big name clients like UCLA Medical Research Center, Dodgers Stadium, Staples Center, Belkin Components (million dollar website), Billboard Magazine and more. Most every job I ever had included training someone to do something, whether it was how to use a software application, or how to replace myself at the end of a consulting assignment. I occasionally help students complete computer assignments whether in-person or remotely through the internet.

I am very patient with students. I am capable of teaching a subject without a book. I am also capable of going through a chapter in a book and rephrasing the material in language they can relate to and understand. Most students, especially computer students, want me to help guide them through doing their assignments. I will NOT do a homework assignment completely for a student without their help. I WILL give them enough help to walk them through the process so they can exercise the requisite thought processes, learn something, and solve similar problems on their own in the future. I do this by finding out what they understand and building on it. I ask questions that will both test their knowledge and lead them in the right direction.

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