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Note that all sessions take place online. I've been tutoring online for years and find it highly effective. Please visit my website at resolutiontestprep.com for logistics/pricing information and to schedule a free consultation call.

I’m an experienced, effective test prep specialist and math tutor with nearly 20 years of private tutoring experience for the LSAT, SAT, and ACT, along with math through AP Calculus. I help students build the content knowledge necessary for tests, and also work with students to develop critical reasoning, strategies, and time management skills. Recent students have raised their SAT/PSAT scores by hundreds of points or have achieved the LSAT scores needed to make themselves highly competitive in their desired law school program. I’ve had 6 students receive perfect or nearly perfect ACT scores in the past couple of years. I also tutor math SSAT/ISEE (middle level or above) and CogAT (4th grade and above) upon request.

Previous students describe me as:
  • Professional
  • Patient
  • Good at communicating
  • Thorough
  • Individualized


I have been tutoring the LSAT since 2010. My highest official score is a 177 on the recent July 2019 LSAT, which I took to get an inside look at the digital test. I work hard to maintain solid skills through all the changes that the LSAT has gone through since then, which means I’m ready for the changes coming to the LSAT in 2024. My students come to me at all starting points, from the 130s to the 160s shooting for the 170s. We work first on the areas that will have the biggest payoff for score gains, and I provide study plans for the individual practice that should be done between sessions. Recent students have raised their LSAT scores by 5, 10, even 20+ points and have achieved the scores needed to make themselves highly competitive at their desired law school.

I consider myself an LSAT specialist, having written numerous articles helping students prepare for the test, and having published two LSAT resources on Amazon. You can view these articles and my LSAT teaching philosophy at resolutiontestprep.com.


I have taught all subjects of the SAT/PSAT and ACT for nearly 20 years and am up-to-date on the current formats of each test - including the switch to the Digital SAT. For the math sections, I focus on test strategy interspersed with content review as necessary. For the reading section, I teach strategies for reading the passages themselves and for answering the questions using evidence from the passages. For the English/writing sections, we review grammar that many students were never explicitly taught in school. For the ACT science section, I teach students techniques for getting information reliably and quickly from the figures. My own SAT scores were 790 Math and 800 Verbal in 1999. I’ve scored in the 99th percentile on ACT practice tests as well.


I’ve tutored students in math all the way from Pre-Algebra through AP Calculus. I believe strongly that math should MAKE SENSE, and I try my best to help students understand the logic behind the math they are learning.

For many of my math students, we work to fill in concepts from years past while also working to stay caught up with the current concepts from class. I teach with compassion, checking for solid understanding but trying never to make a student feel bad for not knowing something yet.

Other math students use tutoring as an opportunity to work ahead, whether it be for personal enrichment or to prepare in advance for next year’s class (or to skip the class altogether). Many of my math tutoring students go on to work with me for SAT/ACT prep as well.

Rate and Logistics

You can find information about rates, logistics, and policies on my website resolutiontestprep.com. Schedule a free consultation call at resolutiontestprep.com/schedule

I meet with students online, using Zoom and an online interactive whiteboard for us to collaboratively take notes on uploaded materials. Previous students find online tutoring convenient, flexible, and just as effective as meeting face-to-face.

I offer a risk-free guarantee for the first hour of tutoring. If you are not satisfied or feel the tutoring is not a good fit, the first hour will be fully refunded. More details at www.resolutiontestprep.com.


Before working with Carrie I took an LSAT practice test and scored a 120. I was down in the dumps and knew I needed to increase my score dramatically to be accepted into law school. Even though my initial score was low I still had set high expectations for myself. I set a goal to improve my score to high 160's range. Carrie has helped me tremendously. During our first meeting she assured me that with her extensive experience tutoring students on the LSAT that if I put in the work I would be able to improve my score dramatically. I have been working with Carrie for about two months now. I scored a 158 on my last practice test and feel confident with more practice and tutoring I will be able to achieve my goal. I cannot recommend Carrie enough if you are looking for a skilled, patient, and knowledgeable tutor.

Carrie is an amazing tutor. I chose her out of many because she understood exactly what the goal was...to improve my son's PSAT scores. Even though we were in different states, my son and Carrie were able to meet every week. After every session, she touched bases with me, letting me know what they worked on and what he needed to work on independently. My son is a good test taker and I had some doubts that he could improve much more but he did with the help of Carrie. My son improved so much on the PSAT, that he is now NMSC eligible, scoring in the 99th percentile with a PERFECT math score. He felt confident after the PSAT and scheduled the SAT, while still meeting with Carrie on a weekly basis. SAT scores just came in and he is again in the 99th percentile with a PERFECT math score again. I highly recommend Carrie. She is super professional, knowledgeable, and always responds to my questions and requests. THANKS, CARRIE!!!

I don’t know where to begin to thank you for the help you provided. I was unsure of tutoring at first, since there was only a week leading up to my test at the time we met. However, your tips regarding strengthen/weaken, sufficient/necessary, and must be true questions really helped me to hone in on the problems I was having with LR. You taught me how to study the stimulus carefully, focusing in on key words that can make or break certain answer choices. Due to this, I believe LR was my best section of the three. Tutoring with you was all I needed to push me over the hump. I’m proud to say I jumped from 151 on my last LSAT to 159 on this most recent one. I’m now in a far greater competitive position for the schools I’m planning on applying to. At the risk of sounding redundant, words can’t describe how grateful I am for your help.

January went WONDERFULLY!! I got a 153, which was within my target range and sets me up a lot better for my schools. I agree with the other students that it was. a bit challenging, specifically in the games section. Had the games section been a bit easier I think I would have gotten around a 155. However, had I not worked with you on reasoning a 153 wouldn't have even been an option. So, thank you so much for all your strategies, practice sets, and overall help!

Over the course of my learning experience with Carrie, she was able to communicate subject matter in an easy to understand way. She has a fantastic attitude, and was very patient. Her thorough breakdown of material made it easier to digest and understand, making me feel more confident leading up to the test date. In a somewhat short time frame that we had until the date of my test, she was able to work efficiently with me to improve my [LSAT] score from previous scores immensely. Carrie is also extremely adaptable with flexibility in time and scheduling, accommodating changes I had requested. She also topped it off with helpful tips! I would 100% use Carrie as a tutor again for future matters.

As an already high-scoring SAT student, I wasn’t planning on getting a tutor for my final run of the test. I am so glad that I ended up pursuing tutoring and found Carrie. Over 7 two-hour lessons, she gave me the tools to improve significantly. Her amiability and patience are surpassed only by her extensive knowledge of the SAT itself; not only does she know the subject matter and how to teach it effectively, she also gave me strategies tailored to the test to increase my efficiency and overall confidence. In the end, I increased my score 70 points to earn a 1540. I believe much of that improvement is due to Carrie. Bottom line: Carrie is amazing!

Carrie was a wonderful tutor. She worked with my 9-year-old daughter to prepare her for the verbal section of the elementary level ISEE. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with Carrie. She thought Carrie was clear, helpful, supportive, and funny. Carrie's lessons were always well organized and she gave a clear summary of what she covered in each lesson in her recap. I recommend Carrie highly. My daughter would like to continue having Carrie as her tutor.

Carrie helped my daughter study for the ACT when she took it for the second time. Her score from her first test was average, but we felt she could do better. In particular, she was trying to increase her score in the science section. They focused on science during the tutor sessions but also reviewed the other sections. We were so excited, my daughter's overall score increased by 3 points and her science score increased by 5 points. She actually increased her score in all sections! We can't thank Carrie enough for helping my daughter focus and study. I would highly recommend Carrie for your tutoring needs!

Carrie is very bright and really knows how to break down any problems you have. Her explanations are easy to understand and once she teaches you something, it stays with you and problems you saw in the past go away. She was always on time and very respectful. She was flexible in terms of when I could meet with her. She was great and I would recommend her to anyone.

About Me

I was formally trained as a tutor in 2003 and have even won a National Tutor of the Year award for my work with one major test prep company. I've tutored online since 2010 and absolutely love it. I have a master’s in Applied Linguistics focusing on second language acquisition, and my hobby is trying to master the Korean language. My tutoring schedule often gets full fairly quickly. Message me today with any questions or to reserve your spot.

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