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Ok, but when it comes to helping, say, with algebra do you really need a New York Times-acclaimed "genius philosopher" . . . "genius . . . of molecular biology" who at Harvard was called "probably one of the half-dozen best abstract minds in the world"? I mean . . . well . . . in the mid-20th century there was a science reporter who interviewed virtually every famous scientist. He always included one question: How does a kite fly? And the only person who ever gave him a clear and compelling answer: Einstein.

So, yes, it really can matter.

For example, I can't guarantee acceptance at your first-choice college or professional school, if I help with an application, without knowing the applicant pool, but I have over a 20-year track record of helping people get into their first choice colleges. Everyone I help gets in. And not through a side or back door. Through the front door.

Most recently, a transfer student who last year got rejected from all five colleges she applied to got into her first choice, a major East coast university, within two weeks of applying.

A business school applicant who last year got rejected by all 11 schools he applied to this year was accepted to the Ivy League.

A high school student got into 11 of 13 colleges, including her first choice and leading UC campuses.

Many people I help apply to only one school. And they get accepted.

The play, Phalaris's Bull, talked about in the image explains why I tutor:

"Protagoras, an early Greek philosopher--he said, 'Man is the measure of all things'--also said, 'To do philosophy, you must know everything.' Well, you can't. But, you have to try. And to master stuff, you have to teach. And to teach lots of subjects, you have to tutor. Which I did. Hundreds of subjects from middle school through graduate and professional schools--at universities around the world--in law, medicine, dentistry, endodontics, aeronautics, business, all the sciences. It was daily mental exercise. With benefits. Social contact. Daily structure. Helping people succeed. Money.

"Eventually, I was ready to write philosophy."

Hi! I've helped hundreds of people from middle school through graduate and professional schools (law, medicine, dentistry, business, aeronautics) in subjects from math (through calculus) and science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) to the social sciences (political science, sociology, history, etc.) and humanities (English, philosophy, literature, writing, papers, etc.). I also help with test preparation (SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.), and college/professional school applications--I've helped people gain acceptance to the world's leading colleges, graduate programs, and professional schools, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Wharton and many others.

I've worked with studios (actors/actresses); homeschooling; celebrities and children of celebrities; students at Harvard-Westlake, Brentwood, Buckley, Crossroads, New Roads, Windward, Loyola, Wildwood, Marlborough, Marymount, Chadwick, etc., and many public schools; and undergraduates and graduates at UCLA, USC, Northridge, Berkeley, Stanford, UCSB, UCSC, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Dennison, Sorbonne, Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Oxford, among others, often by phone or computer.

Yep. All true.

One of many success stories:
A high school junior's SAT essay was published by the College Board in its SAT guide as an example of the "perfect" essay.

Someone who needed a perfect score on the math section of the GRE for admission to a graduate program in neuroscience worked with me for a month and got it, as needed.

I helped someone with severe dyslexia from middle school through aeronautical university. He graduated first in his flight class and is now a captain with a major airline.

Over a summer, I helped someone double his SAT score from just under 700 (total) to just under 1400 (of 1600)--a 700 point increase! He was accepted to an Ivy League college, where I continued to help him graduate with high honors. I helped him prepare for the MCAT, and in medical school. He's now a successful physician.

A student whose advisers recommended he not apply to medical school because his MCAT scores were not competitive even after taking both Kaplan and Princeton Review courses worked with me for three months, four hours a week, doubled his percentile score, and, with my help through the application process, was accepted to FOUR medical schools.

With flexible rates, I can also help you achieve your dreams!

I really can.

Educational Background:

Steven Halsey Jr High School, NY, Valedictorian
Grant High School, Van Nuys, CA, Valedictorian
Governor's Scholar
National Merit Scholar
Harvard AB, cum laude, Philosophy
Nominated, Phi Beta Kappa
UCLA MD-PhD (Molecular Biology) Program

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