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True confidence comes from trusting your voice. Trusting your voice starts by knowing how you're getting the sound you get when you speak or sing. And how to manipulate that sound to suit you in any given performance.

WHO I AM. Hi, my name is Joanna. I am a Vocal & Performance Coach. I am very passionate about teaching, and love to watch how empowering it is for my clients to learn how to trust their voices and to play their vocal instruments with ease and control. Sharing my wealth of knowledge and experience, and finding the quickest way to connect you with your voice (literally and figuratively) is always my goal.

MY EXPERIENCE. I am (currently, and with 23 years of experience) a published singer/songwriter (Warner Chappell/ASCAP), with albums and credits in film, TV and theater. I am an accomplished performer live and in the studio and have been teaching for over 11 years. During my own training, I studied with two of the powerhouses of vocal coaching, Tona De Brett in London, and Roger Love in the US.

WHY I CAN HELP YOU. I remember what it was like to want to talk and sing so people would listen, to tell stories through my words and music, to make my living as an artist. I know what it took to do that, and I can see what it takes to do that today. It's more than just learning how to speak or sing, and you probably realize that. It takes working on the 'whole' of you to become the person you need to be in order to live the life you want.

To help you with the focuses below, I use meditation, NLP and accountability to help you reach your goals, along with my knowledge, intuition and all my experience as an artist and a coach.

VOCAL LESSONS: I will teach you the easiest and fastest way to broaden your range, improve pitch, sing without breaks (blending registers), strengthen the vocal muscles and develop great air support and breath control, all while discovering your true personal vocal style. You will learn what your vocal instrument is, how to use it, and extras like how to hide (correct) a nervous or anxious voice.

SONGWRITING COACH: If you would like guidance writing your own songs, I will get what's in your head out on to the page. We'll discuss authenticity, vulnerability, song key, chord progressions, lyric themes, melody/harmony and the importance of song arrangement.

PERFORMING LIVE AND IN THE STUDIO: Emphasis on microphone technique, connecting with your audience or an image, and building true inner confidence and powerful stage presence.

GUITAR, PIANO, UKULELE: Learn from scratch, and/or let me help you arrange a specific accompaniment arrangement.

Speakers, Actors, and Voice-over artists will learn to strengthen vocal muscles, negotiate projection/emotion and air support, and increase choices for delivery, while protecting their vocal cords.

My clients are male and female, of all ages, beginners to working professionals. No auditions necessary. If you have a passion for expressing yourself through voice, I can teach you.

In-home lessons available. After an initial one-on-one lesson we can also continue lessons via Skype or FaceTime if more convenient (great for those who travel, are on tour or in the studio, or live outside the Los Angeles area).

Tomorrow never comes, and neither do the dreams that live there. Take a step today, however small, and you will start to become the person you need to be to realize those dreams. - Joanna :)

**CUSTOMIZED EXERCISE CDS**. Record your sessions, and afterwards address specific/current issues with customized exercise cds.

**RECORDING SESSION**. Use the techniques you learn in your lessons and apply them to a high quality recording of a speech, monologue or song of your choice.

**GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE**. Choose from Holiday and Birthday designs and personalize by adding name and message. I will send via email and/or mail.

**Certified Logic Pro**. For those of you wishing to go one step further, I can teach you how to use Garage Band and/or Logic Pro to record your songs and experiment with style and content.

**Licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. Models and techniques are used to ensure you reach your goals.

Session rates,
15 years old & up $85 for 65 minutes.
11-14 $75 for 60 minutes.
5-10 $70 for 45 minutes.
Discounted rates first month only.

Contact me today and let me assess what you need to learn, technically and emotionally to succeed. You can do it! If you want it enough, you'll do what it takes to get it. You just have to show up and take the steps :) ~ Joanna Stevens (323) 628-0500


"Joanna took me from being totally incapacitated to breathing life back into a pair of vocal cords that had practically turned into concrete slabs after three years of hard touring and vocally challenging sets. A great personality, a smart and bubbly tutor, and most importantly, always available at the end of the line if you need that last bit of advice before hitting the stage. A true pro, a great asset to my career and countless others." - Aaron Buchanan

"During our first session, Joanna's intuitive method of instruction redirected my 7 years of misunderstanding and frustration with singing. Every subsequent lesson has been a revelation, exploring the true capabilities of my voice. I'd recommend her coaching to anyone." - Coleman Trapp

"Where to start, Joanna isn't like any other vocal coach I have had in the past. She's not only just a vocal coach but a mentor. She finds the finer points you need to improve on and works them out like a masseuse kneading a knot. And even though it may hurt or feel a little vulnerable, it was exactly what you needed in order to grow. And I have grown immensely under Joanna's teaching, not only in vocals but as a well rounded musician too (songwriting/guitar). She is someone I know I can trust and I cannot thank her enough for the help, insight, and guidance she's given me so far." - Colin Deane

"I study with Joanna as an actor, and I'm convinced she can see into my brain! She can identify the issues that arise in performance, and with patience and care apply one of the many methods from her creative toolbox to transform them; inner critics are silenced and focus is returned. I think her approach is best described as a holistic one, and have found that working on my voice is also working on my life. Her sessions feel like a kind of creative therapy, where you ultimately learn to access your true potential." -Patrick S

"Joanna is the best teacher I've EVER had." - Aura Dione

Joanna is incredible. I have never felt more empowered or more secure as a creative person than when I started my lessons with her. Her approach is thoughtful, personal and effective. My dreams are more attainable now, than ever before, because of her extreme talent in communicating proper technique and focus. So many Aha! moments! These lessons are a weekly source of strength for me and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate teacher."- Enrique Jesus Hernandez (future rock legend) :)!!

"I have had several vocal coaches throughout my life starting from a young age, but none of them stand a chance against Joanna Stevens. From the first lesson my voice and breath support improved tremendously. Her teaching methods have helped me to overcome many challenges. I love her commitment to helping her students achieve who they want to be as a singer using a individualized approach. Joanna is kind, patient, and truly cares about the vocal improvement of her her students. My search for the perfect voice teacher is over. -Devan D

"Thanks For Everything Joanna! You are such a Goddess! You have helped me so much to believe in myself and to give myself a chance as a singer . . . You have enlightened me so much towards the optimum techniques and I'm just so grateful! I hope I can make us proud... either way... I'm gonna have fun! ;) Sometimes somebody elses permission just does the trick... especially someone so awesome, successful and credible!!!" -Anodica

"I have always enjoyed singing but often found myself struggling to hit notes and running out of air. Joanna helped me understand how to optimize my voice with certain posture changes, jaw positions, proper use of my diaphragm and many other subtleties that actually make singing easier and more pleasurable. Now I am singing live and recording vocals better than ever and with more confidence. Joanna is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to sing, improve their range, and understand how to use the voice as a musical instrument." Brian Florian

"Thanks so much, Joanna! I really appreciate all that you're doing for me. I am lucky to have you on my 'team' :)" Ellysa Rose.

"I cannot believe the amount of progress that I've made in just a few days. Joanna is a great vocal coach". Arif Rahman Tushar

"Joanna is an amazing voice teacher. I have had other teachers before, but I really find her methods to be so much more effective. I am impressed by how good she is at analyzing my issues and choosing the right exercises to correct the problem, often instantaneously. In just a few lessons I have made tremendous progress and look forward to performing with confidence much sooner than I had anticipated. I am certain there is no vocal coach better than Joanna". Andrew Zupsich

"Joanna is the perfect voice teacher: kind, gentle, endlessly patient and supportive, and, most of all, very skillful and effective. In a surprisingly short time, she has me singing far better than I had ever imagined possible. I would recommend her to anyone." Sarah B.

"I have been a "singer" all my life (at least I thought I was), but it wasn't until I started studying with Joanna that I truly began to experience my authentic voice. I am beyond excited to have found someone so incredibly talented and gifted to teach me. I am speaking and singing like never before. She is absolutely AMAZING!" Angela Whittaker

"Joanna is such an amazing vocal coach, showing you the true capability of your voice. She goes at your own pace and gives you the inspiration you need to go the extra mile. Joanna is truly one in a million, and anybody would be lucky to learn from her, i know i was" - Taylor Washington

"Joanna knows how to motivate. She has taken our 11 year old son from a shy, OK singer, to a confident, great singer. He really loves the power his voice has over people! He is now able to act and sing with wonderful expression, and can project well if not using a microphone (something he really struggled with before). We're very grateful to have been referred to Joanna. She promised us great results, and she delivered." Claire & Michael H

"Joanna is an amazing vocal coach. Because of her constant feedback, my voice has improved with every single lesson. She has helped me to reach my goals much quicker than I expected and to go beyond the ability I thought that I had. I feel as though she genuinely cares about my progress and success which is such great motivation to practice and improve. I am sincerley thankful for the time I get to spend working with her and would recommend her to anyone." Lacey Russo

"Before Joanna, I was afraid to sing in front of anyone. I could act, but sing? I really never had. The first lesson I was so nervous, but Joanna has a way about her that made me feel very comfortable. The first note came out and I clenched my body and prepared for the worst. It turns out, I wasn't bad at all! Joanna quickly had me singing almost two octaves spot on. Her understanding of the breath and how the body works while singing is amazing. I have grown so much because of her. She even teaches me music theory and gives me advice on songwriting. I am so happy I found her and took the plunge by taking lessons. She is truly gifted and a wonderful teacher." Kyle Lupo

"It is because of Joanna Stevens that my son Stanford has grown tremendously as a singer and performer. Last weekend he sang lead--for the very first time--on three Beatles songs with his band at The Whiskey A-Go-Go. I am certain that he could not have done it without the steady, encouraging, insightful instruction of Joanna. Not only did she teach him how to access his voice masterfully and correctly, but she showed him how to discover his inner storyteller--a talent so crucial to conveying a song with meaning. Did I mention that Stanford is 8 years old?" Leslie Fram


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