Project Scooter Aprilla 125 - $225 (HERMOSA BEACH)

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Aprilla 125 Scooter Project
Here's a great little project for someone who knows scooters. All the parts are here. I bought this scooter a couple of years ago with the idea of getting it running. It looked almost brand new when I got it. The motor cranks but it wouldn't start. If starting fluid is sprayed into the intake it will fire up for a few seconds, so I think the problem is either a bad injector or it maybe the computer part of the throttle body assembly that tells the injector when to inject fuel. We wrenched on this thing for a while, but were never able to figure out what was wrong. I even bought a new injector online but it didn't seem to want to squirt fuel. As an experiment I plugged an injector out of my BMW to the electric lead for the injector with the fuel line attached, and fuel did squirt out several feet so maybe the new injector I bought was bad.

I recently have been diagnosed with a bad back and/or a bad hip, and I am not able to move around like I used to, and working on these types of projects is something I am phasing myself out of. As much as I would like to get right back into this project again, I'm not really able to work on this thing...

I have also come to realize that I'm almost 60 years old now, and even if I do get the thing running, and as fun as scooters look, I have zero experience riding a motorcycle or a scooter. I can still drive a car even with my bad hip, so I should be glad for that and not try to be a scooter rider... Really, the best thing for me to do at this point, is to go ahead and hand this project off to the next person who is interested. When you get this running you're going to have yourself a nice scooter.

In trying to figure out what was wrong with this thing, and chasing down electrical leads, I took a lot of parts off it getting to the main harness. I thought it might be a faulty rollover shut-off switch, but that wasn't it either. Then someone suggested that it might have to due with the brake light -- in order for the injector to fire on initial start up it needs power coming through the brake light assembly... I'm not sure if there was anything to that theory or not... but this was as far as I got with it, and it has sat here since. I have all the parts to -- most of them anyway. I think you are going to need a new throttle cable, a seat, and you will need another injector, or you will need a new Throttle Body that has the computer built into it. All the parts that were removed were stored inside. There is a few things you will need but most of it is here. You can find parts on ebay.

So then, call me if you are interested, and I will tell you everything I can about it... Then we can arrange for you to come take a look at it, and we can come to a price that is fair for both of us.

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[Note: when all the parts are assembled this scooter looks really good - it looks kind of new in fact.]

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first person to make a reasonable offer will take it

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