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compensation: $500-$3500/Day
employment type: part-time
job title: Home Based
Are you open to something that realistically has the power to change your life?

If you've got a burning desire for success, You MUST take a serious look at this!!

I've worked regular jobs before and they've always been discouraging and frustrating. Then I saw this ad,, and I now have all the financial freedom I've ever wanted, but more importantly I have my time freedom to go and enjoy life without the stresses of working a job...all thanks to this. Do you want to be Financially Free too? It's not only your turn but it's your time. I'm not looking for broke people.

As you look back on your life, You can either say I WISH I did or I'm GLAD I did. Don't let this be one of those things that you wish you had done, but didn't.

Would receiving weekly cash from $500 to $3500 make a difference this year? Can you say Cha Ching?? Soooo super simple, easy and fun! You DESERVE to have an Abundant Life. I'm one of the Top Leaders and I'll personally work with you to show you exactly how simple this is. Ask yourself, would you rather be Rich or Broke? This is for Optimistic people who want to excel in life. Do you still have BIG dreams? The sky is the limit. There are startup costs to participate. I received $7000 in the mail in my second week, no joke!

Looking for an opportunity for Financial Freedom??? Do you want to work around your schedule instead of somebody else's? What would working 1-2 hours a day be like? All the while generating full time like money.

If time freedom and financial freedom is what you're seeking, I would highly encourage you to keep reading and follow the instructions all the way through to the end.
It's not only your turn, but it's your time. Your ship has FINALLY sailed in. Jump on board and set your sights on Freedom. Live life on your terms, you control the shots. Is this what you've been searching for!! A job will never give you the freedom that you want....this opportunity truly will. 💯💯💯

Let me ask you, would receiving weekly cash from $500 to $3500 make a difference this year? If so, this IS your path to a better life!!

Soooo super simple, easy and fun! You DESERVE to have an Abundant Life.
This is for people who want to excel in life. Do you still have BIG dreams? The sky is the limit. There are startup costs to participate. The right person will understand this right away, if you don't, that's okay. I'm not here to convince anyone. I'm here to help those who REALLY want to have their time and financial freedom. We receive leads daily, so there's no chasing anyone and that includes friends or family. This is not a traditional type of job... there are no schedules, boss, no company. I work 1-2 hours a day and you can too.

The fact is our brilliant strategy works!

23 years of helping people achieve more, and it can work for you too!

Take control of YOUR life and start living the way life was meant. Vacations, time with your family and friends, stress-free, abundance of money and time. There are startup costs. This is not only your turn, its your TIME to Shine and THRIVE in life. Turn your mess into a message.

• Waking up to NO alarm clock
• Not having to get dressed up for work
• Not needing to put gas in your tank every day
• Having FREEDOM to do whatever you wish
• Spend time with your family
• No miserable job to deal with
• This is Total TIME FREEDOM
• Life was created to THRIVE !!, not just Survive.

Must have

* Good communication skills

* Be able to commit 1-2 hours per day. Work part-time or anytime. You're in complete control of YOUR schedule.

* Have a cellphone

* Like helping and directing people to information

*ENJOY the Benefits of Working from Home * 10 second commute *

■ No boss, without any selling, without explaining. You ARE the Boss!!

■ Minimal time commitment 1-2 hours per day/ your schedule

■ Simple automated step by step proven system

How much do you want to get...$500, $1500, $3500, $6500 or $10,500. It's all up to you... Daily/Weekly/Monthly??

We have ONE life to live. Think about that for a sec, why would we go to a J-O-B that we hate and can't stand, when this BLESSING is here for the taking. If you examine this with an open mind and see the BIG picture, you will NEVER have to go back to a JOB ever again!! The best way to live your life is when you find your PASSION then you never work another day in your life.

All you have to do is raise your hand and say "I want this". We'll help you every step of the way. It's proven and several incredible testimonies have been made from others. This is a TRUE blessing.

You can have success or excuses, but you can't have both...the choice is yours. I'm only looking for WINNERS.

There ARE start up costs. This program IS NOT FREE. I am only looking for SERIOUS people who want OUT of Corporate America and want to work for themselves. So if you respond to this ad and I call you...DON'T tell me that you're broke. I don't need to hear that (Tell that to your spouse or friend) This is an opportunity by invitation only, so respond if you're really wanting this break.


1. ***MUST CALL and listen to ENTIRE MESSAGE (8 mins)*** My website will be given at end of recording.
330-238-1606 for Complete Details. Leave a message and the city you saw this ad in. Let's chat so I can personally show you just how simple this is. Fair enough?

Everything you need to know is right there. This is by Invitation Only. Do not email.

Inquiries returned within 24 hrs

2. Get a Pen and Paper, at the end of this message will be the WEBSITE to write down. Just follow these simple instructions and NEVER work at a job again. How SWEET it is!!!

3. Go to the website, watch the INTRO video, enter your name/email/cell. Don't worry, we NEVER sell your information. This will bring you to watch the steps. (REVIEW ALL 7 STEPS)

4. Reach out to me AFTER you've review everything. Watch these 7 STEPS a few times so that you fully understand how POWERFUL this opportunity truly is. This is perpetual leveraging of money working for you, not you working for money. This equals true Time & Freedom.

I will call you back from a 330 area code, so watch for my call.

Follow these instructions:

MUST CALL 330-238-1606 FOR ALL OF THE DETAILS. The only way to find out what this is all about is to LISTEN to ENTIRE message.

Read the ad twice to make sure that you read everything.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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