$50 PER HOUR driving unaccompanied minors (children) to school (LA county, OC county, SFV, IE snd many other areas)


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compensation: An average of $50 per hour
employment type: part-time
job title: CareDriver of school children
$50 PER HOUR driving unaccompanied minors (children) to school in LA county, OC county, SFV, IE, and many other areas) as a CareDriver

Driving minors (preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students) to school as a CareDriver is a rewarding part-time gig opportunity. The schedule consists of 5 work weekdays, approximately 2 hours per day, PART-TIME driving, with an effective earnings rate of $ 45 to $65 PER each HOUR of active platform driving. By working part-time during school start and end hours, you can easily earn up to $2000 per month, and often MORE. You choose what rides you take and when you take them. Nobody will tell you “when you must work.” You will see the rides available five days in advance. Many of the students you will be assisting come from economically disadvantaged families; some are orphans, and others have disabilities. Your help in getting them to and from school is greatly needed and appreciated. The CareDriver business is growing quickly, and many new Care drivers are now required. CareDrivers serves thousands of students of the LAUSD and hundreds of other school districts in California, including hundreds of independent, private schools, magnet schools, and schools for children with disabilities.

I have attached a copy of my actual weekly earnings for your reference. While actively driving on the CareDriver platform, you can expect to earn as high as $1 PER MINUTE, or $4 - $5 per mile. I completed 1009 rides, with success as a CareDriver since January 2020 (and we were closed for a long time during the pandemic, and are closed during school vacations). CareDriver service area covers all of Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and many other areas such as Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (as well as many other states).

As a CareDriver, you will be an independent contractor who uses their car for the service (no "company cars" are provided). At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099 tax form. You must note that you can deduct various expenses incurred while driving children to school. However, I do recommend consulting a certified tax professional for specific details of an independent contractor tax return.

Please note that, when you refer new CareDrivers to the platform, you will receive a $120 referral bonus after a newly approved CareDriver makes his or her FIRST ride.

Moreover, there is a current promotion for new CareDrivers which guarantees them $500 in earnings if they complete 10 rides during their first two weeks of service (this special bonus offer is subject to change).

If you meet the following requirements, please contact me via text (310-628-9990), or email (grkor@proton.me):

*/ are at least 23 years old

*/ have a 4-door car, not more than 13 years old

*/ have 5 years of caretaking experience (at least 2 with children). However, no formal caretaker license is required (e.g. if you raised your own kids, it is usually good enough to qualify, as well as many other, common sense caretaking experiences)

*/ can pass fingerprinting and a through background check

For answers to many questions, and clarification of your eligibility, please see the FAQ below. .

Moreover, feel free to call 310-628-9990 or email grkor@proton.me if you need further clarification of this offer.

* / Is this a full-time job?
No. It is a part-time gig. You can work up to five school days a week, approximately two to three hours daily. You choose your rides. You drive when, and where you want. You are “the boss”. :)

*/ Can CareDriver drive all day?
No, CareDriver cannot drive “all day” because kids are AT SCHOOL most of the day.

* / Do you provide a car?
No. You will use your personal automobile.
It hast to be a four-door vehicle, NOT OLDER than 13 years.

*/ Can my car registration or insurance be under another person’s name (e.g., “my parents”, or a rental company)?
No. Your personal car registration and insurance card (proof) must show ONLY CareDriver candidate’s legal name name. However, a married couple can use the same car interchangeably if they are CareDrivers and cars leased under YOUR NAME are acceptable. Also, if a car is leased or financed, the financial company name can be shown on the registration in ADDITION to your name.

•/ Will I work as an employee?
No. You will work as a “1099” independent contractor. You will pay your own federal and state taxes at the end of the year. You will drive when you want, and as much as you want. You will be “your own boss”. You can even take a break and stop driving for an extended time and, afterwards simply come back to drive kids again.

*/ Can CareDriver really make $50 per hour of active platform driving?
Yes. Many drivers, including myself achieve that earnings goal. Once you get fully approved as a CareDriver, feel free to call me and, as a sign of my gratitude for the referral I can teach you what to do to realize your full CareDriver earnings potential.

I have performing this service since 1/2020 (closed during pandemic and all school holidays and vacations). I did 1009 rides. My average weekly take, doing about 2-3 hours of active driving daily, 5 school days per week is around $500, which translates to $50 per active driving hour. It is an easy $2000 gross income per month. You pick what rides you take, and when you take them up to 5 days in advance. You may filter the rides by distance to pickup from your residence, or by how much they pay, and you can also set the radius of the rides available between 5 to 25 miles from your location.

When you get approved, I can show you what rides to take, and when to maximize your income.

*/ Are there any tips or bonus rides.
There are no tips. However, almost daily there are special emergency rides due to a persistent shortage of CareDrivers. Some of them carry huge bonuses. You will be notified about them immediately via text message. See the attached bonus rides examples. Moreover, rides cancelled by the student, parent or school within one hour from the pickup time pay 100% of the original fare.

*/ Do I get paid per student, or per ride or how?
You get paid per ride. However, rides with more students often pay a bit more.

*/ Do I need to have a clean DMV record?
Yes. Your DMV record will be pulled by the platform directly from the DMV (free of charge to you), and reviewed during the application process. Certain major moving and other violations may disqualify you. Also, for example if you had a recent accident, you may have to submit an accident report, etc. Major speeding tickets and other serious violations may also disqualify you so, it is best to have a clean DMV record. However, the only way to find out if you qualify is to submit your CareDriver application (it is free of charge).

*/ Do I need to show at least three years of driving experience?

* / Can I be 22 years old? I am “almost 23”.
No. You MUST be 23 when you apply.

* Will I work as a “private chauffeur”?
No. You will drive on the CareDriver platform as an independent, “1099” contractor.

*/ Can I get paid cash?
NO. We will be paid electronically by direct deposit to your bank account, once a week.

*/ Will you deduct federal and state taxes a from my weekly CareDriver pay?
No. At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099-NEC tax form, and you will be responsible for paying your personal federal and state taxes.

*/ Do I have to get fingerprinted?
Yes. All CareDriver candidates undergo a rigorous international and domestic criminal background check, and also an international child molester check. Please understand that you will be driving unaccompanied minors, alone in your personal car, with some kids as young as 5. Your fingerprinting and background check will be done FREE of charge at a facility approved by the CareDriver platform company. You must wait for their instruction WHERE TO GO TO GET FINGERPRINTED. Please do not rush to just about “any fingerprinting place”, and pay from your pocket. If you do it, you may not be reimbursed.

*/ Do you offer any training?
Yes. You will receive extensive video course training before you drive.

*/ Can I come to your office to apply?
No. Since the pandemic, all applications and training are performed online. Even your car mechanical condition inspection can be done virtually using live video setup.

*/ Do I need any caretaker or childcare professional certificates?
No. No formal certification or written proof are required. For example, personal experience in raising your kids, caring for younger siblings, or elderly parents is usually sufficient.
You will be asked about your experience in dealing with children during said virtual interview. Your verbal description of your caretaking experience is usually good enough. No “official certificates” or other official proof of the caretaking experience are required.
However, you should feel comfortable dealing with children, some of whom could be only 5 years old, and requiring a booster seat. Please note that most kids are elementary, middle and high school students, and before you pick a ride you will know student’s age.

*/ How long does CareDriver approval take?
In California, approximately 45 to 50 days.
Your patience is appreciated. The approval is influenced by a rigorous background check, and an extensive training including sexual harassment

*/ Do I have to take a TB (tuberculosis) test?
Yes. Most schools and school districts require it for all persons who come in contact with students.
Most medical insurance companies will cover it for free if you tell them you need it for work. Also, CVS and other, similar companies offer this test at a reasonable cost.

*/ Do I have to get my car inspected?
Yes. You can opt for a video inspection using your mobile phone, or go your local certified mechanic (e.g., Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, etc.).
This one, and a TB test, will be your final inspection steps.

*/ How do I book my rides?
You will do it through a cellphone app, similar to the one used by Uber and Lyft independent contractor drivers. However, it is much more advanced and sophisticated than the one by Uber.
You will know EVERYTHING about the ride BEFORE you take it. You can even put it in a “shopping basket” with other rides, and you will have 5 minutes to make your final decision.

*/ How far in advance can I book rides?
You will always see the available rides up to five work days in advance.

*/ Do I have to take specific rides, during specific hours?
No. You work only when you want. You are “your own boss”.

*/ Can I stop driving for a week or longer?
Yes. You can take an extensive break, and come back whenever you wish.

*/ How many minors do I have to drive?
It is up to you. The CareDriver app will show you the number of passengers. You pick the rides according to your car passenger seatbelt capacity, and your personal preference.

*/ Are all riders picked up and dropped off at the same place?
Not always. Some riders require pickups and drop-offs at two, or more places. As always, you only pick the rides that you want.

*/ What happens during school vacations and holidays?
The number of rides drops considerably in the public school districts. However, many private, charter, and magnet schools remain open.

*/ What happens if a rider cancels my booked ride within 60 minutes before it starts?
You get paid 100% of your CareDriver fee.

*/ Do I have to speak English?
Yes. However, Southern California is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic place, so if you speak other languages (on top of a passable English, of course) it can actually help you to serve better as a CareDriver. Many families and kids speak only Spanish, therefore your fluency in that language can be helpful.

*/ Do I have to be a US Citizen or, a legal resident?

•/ Are there any rides available in my area?
Yes. Almost all areas of So CAL, a lot of North CAL, and many other states are covered by CareDrivers. The platform is experiencing an explosive growth, and many new drivers are needed.

*/ Do I need to have child booster seats in my car?
You do not have to, but in such case the CareDriver app will not show you rides with young children requiring booster seats. FYI: Walmart sells them for $19.99. I own two of them, but until now I used only one during a ride.

*/ Can another person (my child, my wife/ husband, etc.) ride in my car while a have a CareDriver booked passenger (a minor) in my car?
ABSOLUTELY NO. You can only have CareDriver booked riders in your car when you transport them.

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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