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Words matter in business. What you say about your company and how you say it can make the difference between generating excitement in the marketplace or confusing potential customers. Strong, clear technical documents can make the difference between ease-of-use and total frustration. Effective communication between you and your customer builds enduring, rewarding relationships.

I'm an award-winning author, writer and columnist. I have 20 years experience in business. Lately, I've written for a plaster manufacturer, a cable TV equipment manufacturer, an MP4 player manufacturer and a boating company, to name a few.

My natural curiosity has given me the ability to break down often-complex ideas and express them with a style that?s tailored to the intended audience. I know a lot about technology, building, cars, boats, business and much more.

My clients rely on me for brochures, flyers, advertising copy, web site content, technical manuals as well as a whole host of other writing needs. I have re-written many documents produced by people with limited English language skills or subject matter experts who lack writing expertise. I can write, re-write and edit. I'm happy to work alone or as a member of a team.

I've also done a lot of layout and updating, maintaining and improving web sites.

I'd be happy to tell you more and give you a free estimate on your project.


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