FYC:Ghostwriter, Editor, Screenwriter, Fixer-MY CLIENTS WIN AWARDS. (Santa Monica)

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Hi! I'm here to help you WIN.
My clients include PUBLISHED Authors, PRODUCED screenwriter/producers... and AWARD WINNERS.
A good client just won 2 Short Story Contests. I was sent the contest guidelines, and proposed a few ideas, client chose from those, I delivered stories. It's a 'numbers game' you have to 'enter to win.'
Whether it's a screenplay, book, story or presentation, it takes time, and craft. Not everybody has the patience.
As a GHOSTWRITER, I don't get the glory, but you get your idea or story polished, presentable, and published.
And maybe, like a steady book client of mine, YOU'LL GET A TOP AGENT and WIN CONTESTS and BOOK AWARDS. I created a visual and written presentation that got her a meeting and signing with a TOP LITERARY AGENT.
It's hard work, writing. Solitary work. Not for everybody. So...you need help. Maybe you have a script, book or pilot that's lacking sparkle, pacing, or great characters.
Maybe you need your script or book correctly formatted.
Or maybe you want to enter short story contests to attract attention, and create a body of work that you can present to producers.
It's normal. We can't always fix our own work, it's too personal.
Maybe you have a book idea or script concept but don't know how to get that from your gut onto the page.
Or, you need content for your webpage. I can probably help.
I'm an experienced entertainment journalist, ghostwriter, screenwriter, author and copy editor. AND I'm discreet.
I sign a an NDA [non-disclosure-agreement] with EVERY CLIENT.

I work remotely. I'm discreet. We sign an NDA and the work is entirely your property.

We can meet via email, phone, Zoom or on Linkedin video [it's a thing, and much easier than Zoom to use!] and coordinate the script process on Final Draft, or in WORD, or you can just send me the script , document, book or concept for fixing.

I have helped writers polish their work in various forms, and worked with Marketing companies on campaigns.
I help authors with book cover concept and oversee design to completion when requested.
I have ghost-written Award-Winning books. Yes, even published authors hire me to fill in chapters with extra sparkle. I don't judge. I love my clients and want to see them succeed.

I create web content and have actually ghosted books in these genres: Fashion Memoirs, Historical Memoirs, Family Memoirs, Crime Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Self-Help, and Historical Fiction/Action, YA Novels; they have been highly rated on Good Reads and Amazon.

I have helped screenwriters with Drama, YA, Fantasy, Vampire, Historical, Sci-Fi, Folk Horror, Buddy/Road stories, Supernatural, Christmas, Holiday, Latino and Western scripts/ Many have moved forward to get their films made.
Unless otherwise requested, my job is not to change your story, it is to polish what you have right and fix what's not working.

“Ms. Jordan’s ability to translate complex market concepts into actionable plans has been invaluable. She has an impressive ‘6th Sense’ to understand the target audience and the industry trends. Her creative marketing approach sets her apart from the competition as her visions, consistency, and style truly bring stories/articles/presentations to life.
Not only are they visually stunning, but perfectly capture the essence of the project.
In addition, her edits are meticulous, with a hawk eye for clarity and catching typos and grammatical errors, while her suggestions make the flow of both the written text and live presentations she designs so much smoother.”

New Screenplay Client Review 09/22/2023
from R.L. Los Angeles:
"Worked on my screenplay for years, took classes and read books and
just couldn't nail down the ending I wanted. Then I found Judi and she
did in three days what I couldn't seem to do in three years.
Already got a meeting with a producer.
Thanks Judi, just what I needed."

And A New Book Client: 08/16/2023
"It's P-E-R-F-E-C-T! and thank you for the extra and for such fast turn around. Excellent customer service!!"

Here's what another client said about my work on their PERIOD DRAMA TRUE STORY SCRIPT: ''I loved your subtle, seamless changes. It added color, clarity, and depth."

My rates are reasonable and I'm fast.
Don't be shy, if you have a budget in mind, just say so, and I will let you know if I can work with it.

AND. If I can't relate to the material, I will be honest and not take your money. Every writer has strengths.

I don't do 'Saw-level' gore horror', hard-core sci-fi, comedy, porn or super-religious materials.

I have knowledge of European history: French, German, Spanish primarily. Ancient, Medieval to Modern.

Please feel free to drop me a line with your contact number and I will respond quickly.

Or find me on Linkedin.com/in/judijordan

Thank you and Good Luck!

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