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Hi, great to see you are exploring how to evolve your vision or idea/life story into a feature film or television show.

This forum gives you an opportunity to hire a talented screenwriter at an affordable price.

Yet, it's tricky, if it is new to you. Craigslist now charges money for posting so most writers on this speciality are honest. Now you want to pick one that connects with your story, communicates well with you, sounds savvy in what makes a Project marketable, and is affordable. If you call you will see that I offer all these things and much more.

My prices are in line with the others offering services in film and television writing. And once I know your story and or genre I'll be able to send you specifics proving I'm talented and dedicated to your success. One word of advice: You spent months if not years envisioning your story, some of them true life stories. And you're about to spend hard-earned money to have it professionally written. Writers boasting how fast they can write might be what you need if you are in a situation wherein a Producer or other person demands a script immediately. If not, then don't use them. Think about how you want to be involved in the process - to allow it to add to your sense of accomplishment, and indeed who you are, and why you did this. The writers offering a script in a week charge the same as I do in a week. The difference is, I take the time to involve you, to constantly improve previous pages, and listen to your input at a pace that works. You are not in the film industry and reading screenplays for valuation and structure is not your specially-attuned skill. Work with me, and we'll take the time to ensure your goals.

Please contact me with questions. I'm happy to talk about your Project. You have many questions, I am sure. I will send an outstanding screenplay writing sample in your genre to prove my skills. You can be as involved with this writing as you want to be, I'm very easy to work with and talk to. I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Call. It's easy.

I am hired to write:


My rates are very reasonable. Whether you have a story fully written, or it is just in your head, I will structure it for you to the highest standards in the Industry. I specialize in True Life Stories, and projects with strong female leads, yet my first sales were for big action films, Sci Fi, and Action Comedy. I have had 3 Pilot Sitcoms produced.

Thank you for considering me. And please call, text, or email me for more details.

Most all my clients say eventually, "This turned out better than I ever imagined!" My job is to take your story and add values to it in style and content. This will be a terrific experience. Then I will help you in all ways I can to sell it.

To add to your security, if you prefer, you can meet at my house to ensure safety of your investment.
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